lab picnic (aka HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR) 2019


The gang’s all here!

Santa even came to the lab this year!


A fruit pizza - Vimentin (kiwi), Protein aggregates (blackberries), Nucleus (grapes), Cytoplasm (blackberries)

Summer picnic 2018 - the hottest day of the year!

Happy Birthday Tiaira!

Outreach event for the Institute on Aging 2018

The awesoeme two spreading their knowledge at an outreach event.


A yearly check on if the PhD training is changing their rate of growth.

Sophia and Elizabeth show off one of the many ritual dances created in the lab...

Kayla gets her Masters! Congratulations!

Finally time for the BBQ!

Baseball! (Tiaira paying no attention to the game)

Elizabeth shows her poster in Union South.

Sweet rewards - lab gift for Sloan Award

Kailee shows her stuff!

The Gruber Award at SFN.

Dr. Microbe forcep battles. Way to use your lab skills!

Dr. Eureka - testing fine motor skills of scientists

The eating of the aggresome

The welcome sign on the front door for the summer picnic

Hannah's end of summer presentation for the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

The meaning of cold...

Tiaira does outreach for the Institute on Aging

Kailee's Bio 152 poster celebrated with a keg of Sprecher!

And who said this is only for kids?

Working at the car wash

Berry Picking/Lab BBQ 2017

Blueberries ripe for the picking!

Raspberries - few but yummy!

Waiting for our turn at cornhole.


Emma graduates! Our first!

Lab Meeting - "ChrisPR"

Lab ice skating outing

Who says ice can't be fun!

Tiaira's first time ice skating!

HOLiday party 2016

1st lab holiday party!

end of the semester and graduation celebration 2019

Dr. Microbe battles

Stealing gift exchange 2018! The year of the mugs.

Our high school senior, Victoria, presents her summer research experience.

And the winner of the cornhole tournament is…

When the freezer racks you have been desperately waiting for have finally come...

holiday party 2017

Christmas party Charades 2017!

Teaching about the brain for the Institute on Aging

Tiaira presents her SciMed poster. First lab poster!

How many degrees does it take to get through the trilobite corn maze?

View of the State House from our blankets at Concert on the Square!

Tiaira teaches the fine art of finding the berries.

Sophia in the blueberries.

Finally able to relax when the sweat stops running.

Celebrate the end of the school year!

Kailee's URS presentation

Still standing upright!

And the nitrile stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Creative nerd art for the Christmas tree. Awesome!

Literally everyone has to follow the birthday candle law!

Birthday celebrations - using our more sanitary way of blowing out the candles

Holiday party potluck 2018!

Last Third Thursday at the Pyle Center 2018

Celebrating the good news about the New Innovator Award! Champagne and sparkling grape juice!

Hannah's poster session for SROP

Jieun presents her work of her Sophomore Fellowship at the URS

Ice Skating 2018!

Our high school student, Sophia, did a great job presenting the work she did in the lab!

Sophia's fan club on the road to see her poster.

concert on the square 2017 - beethoven's 5th

Tiaira and Chris at their first Concert on the Square - Beethoven's 5th!

How do we spend our day off? Working in the patch.

Chris shows his Ohio cornhole expertise.

Root beer float lab meeting!

Jieun wins a Sophomore Research Fellowship.

Michael's URS presentation

Kailee and Emma adopt a little peep to steady.

Double rainbow promises good luck!

Kailee is supposed to be photoshopped into holiday party picture.